Gratitude – Labbayk


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Gratitude – Labbayk

Labbayk is a UK-based nasheed group established in 2004, currently comprises of members Masum, Shafi and Imran. The group released their debut album “Rhymes of Praise” in 2008 and “The Greatest Gift” in 2012. The lyrics and content of this album and past albums have been verified by scholars, so as to ensure they are within the boundaries of Sharī’ah. We pray that Allāh (swt) accepts our humble efforts in spreading the beautiful message of Islam through anasheed, and we ask that He rewards all who have contributed towards this album and forgives us for any shortcomings, ameen.

Track List:

  1. Sūrah Al Fātihah
  2. Prelude
  3. Asmā ul Husnā
  4. Rabbanā
  5. LabbaykAllāh
  6. Celebrations
  7. Qasīdah Burdah
  8. A New Day ft. Muhammad Shah Nur
  9. Dunya Ke Ay Musafir
  10. Provu Tumi Amari
  11. Day of Eid ft. Muhammad Shah Nur
  12. Medley of Praise
  13. Sūrah Yāsīn


Labbayk is a nasheed group based in London, UK. The group started singing officially in Islamic events from the year 2004 and have been doing live performances around the world since. The group consists of Masum (Group Leader), Shafi and Imran. Ehsaan joined the group in 2006 and left in 2015, being replaced by Shafi. The nasheeds composed have no musical instruments and no musical instruments were utilised in composing the vocal harmonies. The group is represented by Safar Media based in Gloucestershire, UK. Much gratitude and thanks are due to the scholars who have always shown support and have given time to approve the lyrics and content of the nasheeds, they include:

  • Shaykh Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed (UK)
  • Mufti ‘Umair Zulfiqar (UK)
  • Shaykh Muhammad Sibini (UK)
  • Shaykh Sulayman Gani (UK)
  • Imam Tahir Anwar (USA)

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