In Praise of Our Beloved


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Track List:
1) Ya Sayyidi
2) Aye Dosto – Qari Ziyaad Patel (Guest Artist)
3) Every time I think of you
4) Har Waqt Tasawur
5) Hasbi Rabbi – Qari Ziyaad Patel (Guest Artist)
6) Madine Diya Paak Qaliya
7) Nabi…
8) Dare Nabi Par
9) Rahmate Darwaza
10) Ishq-E-Rang
11) Laa Ilaaha Ilalah
12) Naat E Sarkaar
13) Rabana Ya Rabana
14) Dar Baar Risalat
15) Rasulallah – Gujrati Nazm
16) Mere Aaq Mere Maula
17) Ho Mubarak Tujhe
18) Mere Maula
19) Kadam He Bilal Aaj


In Praise of Our Beloved by Imtiaz Sidat

About Imtiyaz Sidat:

Maulana Imtiyaz Sidat was born in the heart of Leicester. He has an astounding gift. . His amazing voice, which has given him the passion of reciting Nasheeds / Qiraats & Lectures from a very young age. He started off performing regularly at various events including performing in Jame’ah Masjid’s Annual Jalsa and Ramadhan / Hajj Radio in Leicester.

His Lecture’s & Nasheed’s have aspirated people of all ages especially the youth who he can relate to. His popularity over the coming years has expanded to the Muslim communities of Great Britain especially in the North and South of England.

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