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Track List:
1) Ek main hi nahi unpar
2) Aapsa dono jahaan mai
3) Yaade Mehboob
4) Unka hai Khuda beshak
5) Meri zindagi ka tujhse
6) Sar ko jhukaa-o
7) Lene pyaar aaye
8) Maa ke qadmo mai
9) As-Salaam
10) Aa’ina-e-Khuda (Bonus Track)

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Jazbaat – Soulful Emotions

About Hafiz Muhammad Raashid Kazi:

I am pleased to present Jazbaat, Soulful Emotions, by Hafez Muhammad Raashid Kazi, a well-known Naath Khwan who started reciting classical Urdu poetry at the age of 8. Raashid dedicates his heart, soul and voice to rendering soul stirring poetry, thereby igniting the fire of love of Allah (SWT), His Rasool (SAW) and the Awliya Ikraam. Under the guidance of his esteemed parents, as well as his renowned Uncle, he has illuminated many souls at various spiritual gatherings across South Africa. He is also a popular, and familiar Naath and Manqabath reciter at the aastana-e-aalia of his paternal Great Grand-father Hazrath Soofie Saheb (RA) in Riverside, Duraban.

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