Bringing up a Muslim Child

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I believe that it is essential for Muslims to ensure that their children are taught 5 – foundational essentials:

  1. Who they are: being Standard Bearers of Islam
  2. Connection with Allah: Tawheed & Uboodiya
  3. Connection with Rasoolullah: Sunnah & Being a member of the Ummah
  4. How to take from the treasures of Allah: Salah & dua
  5. Giving to the world: Charity & Da’awa

Pages: 48

Author: Mirza Yawar Baig

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The first and biggest mistake that Muslim parents make is to believe that their responsibility is like that of any other parent. As was the practice of the kings of old, princes and princesses were taught differently from ordinary people. This is not about any misplaced arrogance or sense of false superiority but of recognizing one’s responsibility as a parent and doing what it takes to fulfill this trust.

A good way to understand this is to see how child prodigies are brought up. They are not given the same education as everyone else. The entire focus of their education, both formal and informal, is based on the eventual role that they must play. Only then can the true glory of the gift that they have been bestowed with, come forth. Children born to Muslims have been gifted with Imaan. They are not ordinary children. To treat them as if they were is to deny them their opportunity to make a mark in the world. With the gift of Imaan comes the responsibility of conveying it to others. Muslim parents must be conscious of this sense of mission and accomplish it as the highest priority.

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