Virtues and Merits Of The Quraanic Chapters

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Virtues and Merits Of The Quraanic Chapters

Compiled and Translated by: Moulana Mahomed Mahomedy

From the writing of

Hafiz Sharaf ad-Din Abd al-Mu’min ad-Dimyati &

Dr. Ibrahim Ali Sayyaid Ali Isa

Virtues and Merits Of The Quraanic Chapters
In His grand plan and wisdom, Allah bestowed  superiority  to some of His creations over other. Friday enjoys superiority over the rest of the days of the week. The month of Ramadan is the most spiritually fulfilling of all months. Certain prophets were given superiority over others. And Muhammad Rasulullah, the Final Messenger and Seal of Prophets, was given superiority over all the Prophets and  Messenger of Allah
This book highlights the merits and virtues of the different chapters as stated in the Qur’an and explained by Rasulullah. The most authentic and acceptable Ahadith are quoted with full references to the Original sources.

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