What the Living Can Do for the Dead


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What the Living Can Do for the Dead
By: Shahrul Hussain

Is it permitted to transport the body abroad for burial?
Can a headstone be placed on the grave?
What can the heirs do for their deceased loved ones after burial?
What are the etiquette for visiting graves?
Is the posthumous donation of reward (isal al-thawab) permissible?
Finally, how does one make atonements and expiations and settle debts on behalf of the deceased?

“A very good blend of classical scholarship with modern information that is sure to educate.”
—Dr. Omer Hasem El-Hamdoon, President, Muslim Association of Britain

“Indeed, an important reference point for all on this subject that concerns us all.”
—Dr Mansur Ali, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Cardiff University

“I hope this book becomes a means of reviving the Sunna and rejecting innovation, and that it inspires many to prepare for the ultimate meeting with their Lord.”
—Shaykh Zahir Mahmood, Principal, As-Suffa Institute

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