Student Practical 21st Century Dictionary

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Student Practical 21st Century Dictionary: English – English & Urdu

By: M. Raza-UL-Haq Badakhshani / Khawaja Ejaz Rasool

This Student Practical Dictionary English into English and Urdu by M. Raza-UL-Haq Badakhshani / Khawaja Ejaz Rasool is a unique publication of its type. It covers a wide range of vocabulary, both modern and archaic, containing over 50,000 words, idioms, phrases and technical terms, with their usages, of almost all the branches of knowledge. A special care has been taken in the selection of the Urdu equivalents to facilitate the user to reach the precise of the most suitable Urdu word he is in search of. Where possible, the explanations are supplemented with supportive illustrations in order to further elucidate the expressions.

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