Expiators Of Sins


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Expiators Of Sins

By:  Hadrat Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib

It is natural for man to have desire to please and to abstain from displeasing that Being, Allah whose countless favours descend on every person in every condition at every moment. Even if there was no reward stipulated for good actions and no punishment meted out for disobedience, then too it remains incumbent upon man to fear and abstain from displeasing and disobeying his actual Giver and Benefactor. Now, when it has become as clear as light  that, never mind the statements of the Ambiya’, the unanimous verdict of all the religions and paths is that one will receive severe punishment for disobeying Allah and will receive great reward for obeying Him, then it becomes even more necessary for farsighted people to fulfil those actions which will earn them Divine pleasure, and to abstain from disobedience.


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