Injunctions Pertaining To The Traveller

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Injunctions Pertaining To The Traveller

By: Maulana Mufti Inam ul Haq Qasmi

Translation Edited by:  Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

As I was completing a tour a few years ago, I travelled a long distance to meet my father at the place where he worked. It was as he prepared to embark on a journey when a controversy arose. He quote an Aalim who states that the Shar’i injunctions applicable to the traveller (Musaafir) should be applied as soon as the Musaafir formulates the intention to travel from his place of residence. According to him, it is compulsory for  a person to abridge his salaah (called Qasr salaah) immediately upon formulating the intention, even though he is still in his hometown.

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