A Gift to The Husband and Wife


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A Gift to The Husband and Wife

By: Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali thanwi

This book comprises seventeen chapters over 180 pages.

Maulana Thanwi has penned down in it the mutual rights and responsibilities of the spouses. He has supported his views with ahadith of the Prophet.  In essence, this small book covers nearly every kind of a situation that might arise in married life beginning at the beginning. Should the newly-weds live with the parents of the husband’s children from his pervious marriage? What about the wife’s property? Who will pay zakah on it? To Whom does jewellery belong? May one another’s property be used? What if Husband and Wife do not see eye to eye? Or, if husband does not earn?  These and many other Questions as may crop up are answered. They have the stamp of Maulana Thanwi authority. These man and women who are contemplating marriage must read this book.

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