100 Stories about Hadrat Hasan and Hadrat Husayn


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100 Stories about Hadrat  Hasan and Hadrat Husayn


Sheikh Muhammad Siddique Minshaawi

Translation Edited By:                                                                                                                                                             Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

Very little reliable and authentic literature is available concerning  those two grandchildren of Rasulullah.     These 100  stories are fully referenced and authentic.

This book discusses incident concerning the blessed lives of the Hasanayn  (Hadhrat Hasan and Husayn) and is divided into three parts. The first part details the incidents in the life of Hadhart hasan, The second part details the incidents in the life of his brother Hadhrat Husayn, while the third part contains incidents that pertain to both of them.

In this introduction of the book, I found it necessary to make mention of all those peolpe to whom I am indebted for their advice and assistance in preparing this book. At the head of this list is my honorable teacher Moulana Naazim Ashraf Sahib {rector of Baytul Uloom}.May Allaah grant him the best of rewards.

This book is a new link in the chain of books concerning the biographies of the Sahabah that has been initiated by Baytul Uloom and follows books containing 100 Stories  of the each of the Khulafaa Raashideen. May Allaah bless this effort and grant it impetus to progress. Aameen.

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