Al-Ghazali’s Mishkat Al-Anwar


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 Al-Ghazali’s Mishkat Al-Anwar

(the Niche for Lights)

Translated By:    W. H. T. Gairdner

Imam Ghazali, one of the greatest sinker and thinker of Islam, explains the meaning of the symbolic  words like, niche, lamp, lamp glass, tree and oil which occur in Surah  Noor, what Allah means by saying about Himself the Light of Heavens and Earth?

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The Mishkat Al-anwar is a work of extreme interest from the viewpoint of al-Ghazali’s inner life and esoteric thought.  The glimpses it gives of that life and thought are remarkably, perhaps uniquely, intimate.  It begins where his autobiographical Al-Munquidh min al-Dalal leaves off.   Its esotericism excited the curiosity and even the suspicion of Muslim thinkers from the first, and we have deeply interesting allusions to it in Ibn Tufail and Ibn Rushd, the celebrated philosopher of Western Islam, who flourished within the century after al-Ghazali’s death in 1111(A.H.505)      a fact which, again, increases its importance and interest for us.

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