Hundred Stories Of Hadhra Abu Hurairah


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Hundred Stories Of Hadhra Abu Hurairah


Moulana Muhammed Uwais Saror

English Translation Edited By:

Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

The book before you is a selection of a hundred stories regarding the devoted and enthusiastic sahabi,  Hadhrat Abu  Hurairah who  was known to be the greatest narrator  of  Hadeeth and most knowledgeable  of the saying  of Rasulullaah  from the Sahabah. It will infuse within the reader an ardent desire to follow in his footsteps and in so doing become a true follower and disciple of Rasulullaah which will inevitably lead one to the gates of eternal success. It will remove all the doubts, which are raised against this great Sahabi, and the enemies of Islaam will be silenced once and for all. Many true fact about this pious Sahabi will be gleaned from this well researched work.

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