Hundred Stories Of Hadhrat Faatimah


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Hundred Stories of Hadhrat  Faatimah.

By: Moulana  Muhammad Uwais  Saror

English translated edited by: Mufti Afzal  Hoosen Elias

The  book before you is selection of hundred stories  taken  from the life of the Queen of  Jannat,   Hadhrat  Faatimah, Her life  tells  a tale  of  respect,  sincerity, piety,  contentment,  simplicity,  generosity, compassion towards man,  obedience   to Rasulullaah  and an ardent desire to   please   Allaah. In essence her life is all encompassing providing lessons for Muslims in every aspect of life. If woman today adopt the lifestyle of Hadhrat Fatima then they will most certainly attain success in this world as well as the Aakhirah.
This book will help one to understand the importance of following the blessed Sunnat. It describes the character, person-silty, piety and acts of this great Sahabi who was a living model of Islaam. His advises should be adhered to with concern and sincerity.

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