One Hundred Narratives Of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza


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100 Narratives Of Hadhrat Murtaza

Originally Authored by:
Sheikh Muhammad Siddique Mishaawi

Translated to Urdu by:
Moulana Khaalid Mahmood Saheb

Translated to English by:
Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

This Book, 100 Narratives Of Hadhrat Ali is actually a Kitaab written by Sheikh Muhammad Siddique Minshaawi, and entitled, is a simple translation in Urdu, which comprises of one hundred interesting narratives of Hadhrat Ali comprising of one hundred interesting narratives, in which are gathered the various departments of as human’s life. The specialities of the narratives and the biographies of our pious predecessors does not merely increase our faith (Imaan), but they rejuvenate the lessons to become submissive and humble, charitable, ascetic, worship and in becoming spiritually uplifted.

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