The Martyr of Karbala


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The Martyr of Karbala

By: Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib

Translated By: Moulana Ebrahim Muhammad

The incident of the ruthless martyrdom of Sayyidin Husain  the leader of the youth of Jannah and his companions can never be forgotten. Not only the Muslims, but every person is forced to perceive a pain in his heart. People who have insight can learn many lessons from this incident.    Thousands of books, detailed and brief, have been written in every language regarding this incident. However, many of these books contain unauthentic narrations. It was for this reason that some friends of mine requested me to write a brief but concise booklet, but i did not have the time.

Incidentally, at this time, I have lifted the pen to write a thesis on the topic of “The example of Hussain” Whoever, the continuation of incidents did not allow me to remain brief, and so it became a separate booklet. this also became a means of fulfilling the request of my friends.

All praises are due to Allah. he is the one who grants the a ability.

O my lord, accept this effort from me. indeed you are the all-healing, all knowing.

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