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“Arabic At Your Hands Series” is one program in a collection of programs called “Arabic For All”. This series comprises a developed version of the book “Arabic At Your Hands”, which introduces a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers, students and teachers. This curriculum is developed for educational entities, including schools, institutes and universities. It begins from the basic level and continues with the students until they master Arabic language, which enables them to join university and continue their Arabic studies in various majors. The developed series is designed by the authors of the original series, who are an academic team specialized in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers.

The first level consists of two parts (books), each of which includes 8 units (total of 16 units). Each unit consists of 9 lessons, constituting a total of 144 basic lessons in this level.

At its end, the first level includes a group of vocabularies with illustrated pictures. It also comprises lists for vocabularies used in each unit and another list for all vocabularies used in the level arranged alphabetically. It also contains listening texts along with an audio CD (8 hours) covering all texts and some of the exercises included. There is also a preparatory booklet for teaching Arabic letters.


The lessons of each unit are organised as follows:

First lesson: First dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises – 2 pages
Second lesson: Second dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises – 2 pages
Third lesson: Third dialogue, its vocabularies and exercises – 2 pages
Fourth lesson: Vocabularies exercises and additional vocabularies. – 2 pages
Fifth Lesson: Grammar structures and exercises. – 4 pages
Sixth lesson: Sounds – 3 pages
Seventh lesson: Speaking and exercises – 3 pages
Eighth lesson: Reading and exercises – 3 pages
Ninth lesson: Writing and exercises – 4 pages

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