Chains of Fear

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Author: Neymat Raboobee

“I know l should be trusting allah-and l do,of course l do!I just ….I don’t trust me anywhere near as easily.”

Ammarah thought she was ready for marriage .She’d thougth the idea over carefully for months before even bringing it up with her parents.

Now that there’s a chance that she may actually get what she wanted,Ammarah is far less certain .

Eaten up with anxiety over her owen shortcoming and the impending challenge of altering herself to fit what a good wife should be ,Ammarah has to decide what her next step will be .

Will she let her fear overwhelm her or will she find the courage to start this new journey

Out of stock


‘What do l want from life ?’Ammarah thought to herself.’If l die tomorrow ,what will l regret having not done while l had the chance?’

Ammarah had been pondering that question frequently lately.She was twenty years old but she didn’t quite know what she wanted from life.All that she did know was that she wanted to be happy.That was knee-jerk answer that came to mind any time she was asked about her plans for the future .                                                                                        A year ago ,Ammarah’s answer had briefly been something different.She had been thinking about marriage at the time.Previously,she had thought of making nikaah as a distant possibility,an option that she hadn’t yet decided she wanted.And,of couse ,Ammarah had always been taught that she should get a career up and runing before anything else.She remembered hearing aunties and cousins saying things like ‘There’s plenty of time for that after you get established’and ‘Study first or you ‘ll regret losing the opportunity.’Ammarah had absorbed these lessons well.She had not even considered marriage as something to think about or make du’aa for -not yet.


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