A diary for a Muslim Woman


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A diary for a Muslim Woman by Ummi Yusuf

The lifestyle shown to us by our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alahyi Wasalaam is perfect in every aspect. Many Ahadeeth show the importance of being organised, for example: Abdullah ibn Umar RA narrates that whenever Nabi Sallahu Alahyi Wasalaam feared he would forget to do some important task, he would tie a small piece of cotton etc, to his little finger or thumb, so as to remember. [Jami ‘us Saghir 102]

Being women, there are many instances that require special attention and noting. For example, the fasts we miss in Ramadaan due to Haidh, the recording and accurate calculation of the number of days that are considered as Haidth, etc.

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, this compilation provides a single book to document and easily reference these pertinent deeny issues for a period spanning over 5 years.

It is my sincere hope that this diary will be your companion in keeping a record of all your obligations, to ease the practising of our Deen.


Table of Contents:

  • My Will
  • My Qadha Salaah
  • My Sajdah Tilaawat
  • My Qadah Fast
  • My Haidh
  • My Nifaas
  • My Zakaat
  • My Liabilities
  • My Amaanat
  • Q&A by Mufti AK Hoosen

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