Fruits that Heal


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A Book Towords Healthy, Disease-free living through the decorous use of one of natures greatest splendor … Fruit

Pages: 104

Author: R A Lasania & Dr Imran  Keeka


“Health is merely the absence of disease, but embraces mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as well. Illness and infirmity is something that we all, at some time or the other, experience in our lives. And how we respond to this indisposition varies. For some of us, rest might suffice. For others, a visit to the doctor or taking whatever medicine we have at hand in pursuit of cure or comfort is what we do to console our ailing body or mind. It is true that many people in our society are not sick, but they are not healthy either. They might not be suffering from any specific disease per se, but most of the time they feel listless, lethargic or just miserable. They lack vim and vigour. They are depressed. What is the cause? And what is the cure?

As a practitioner of integrated medicine, I am not the one who lends towards the prescription of over-the-counter drugs or surgery at the first instant the patient consults me. I have a different approach. Eat Healthy! Discard bad eating habits and junk foods. Think positive! Always take into account natural therapies! This obviously does not negate the value and merit of allopathic medicine, which undoubtedly has a role to play. Good nutrition is the path to a sound body and mind. For, obviously, it is without food that our children the world over suffer from life threatening diseases such as Marasmus and Kwashiorkor. Food heals. Food regenerates . Good Food enhances the vibrancy of our cell, tissues, organs, nerves and blood vessels.

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