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Miracels  – Rehana Shah-Bulbulia

Pages: 197

Author: Rehana Shah Bulbulia

Contemporary stories, comprising personal interviews, conveying the manifestation of the qualities of Almighty Allah through his Might and Mercy.

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Do you believe in Miracles?

Have you experienced the awe of a mammoth miracle and a minute one too, in the arena of your life? Have you been a spectator and watched an awesome miracle transform the life of another?

Miracles is a compilation of stories that began as a series entitled Miracles of Allah in the year 2005, for the South African based magazine The Muslim Woman. It comprises thirty three contemporary stories of personal interviews Rehana has conducted. Real life stories that reveal the manifestation of the qualities and attributes of Allah (Subhanhu Watala). Stories that need to be told. Need to be shared. Why? Because it is necessary and vital for us to realise and be cognisant of the fact that Allah is listening to us every second of everyday; that despite the circumstances of our lives, he is changing our lives. He is accepting our desperate du’as; and that, as unworthy as we may be. He is changing our lives and blessing us with miracles, minute and mammoth.

Reading the book Miracles will be a means of strengthening your belief in the divine help of Allah and a comfort for those facing challenging times. It is the third book Sister Rehana has authored. Her contemporary and captivating style of writing has gripped readers across the globe.

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