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“Wounds and Wings: A Lyrical Salve through Metaphor”, is an anthology of poetry that is structured in three parts. The analogy of a caterpillar’s transformation to a butterfly reflects the parallel process of personal transformation. Each stage of transition reveals the series of changes and events that emerge from introspection and unfold as a sequence of discovery and growth. This anthology is an exploration of the emotional pastures and wastelands that encompass the intimacy of celebratory and tragic human experiences as articulated in the figurative expressions of poetry.

Pages: 67

Author: Bilkis Moola

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About the Author:
Bilkis Moola is Head of Department in Languages at Theu-Theu Primary school, in Volksrust, Mpumalanga. It was in her hometown where she began her journey of healing after an abusive marriage, where physical, verbal and emotional abuse became the norm in her life. It took immense courage and support from her family before she eventually left the marriage. Her healing process culminated in the compilation and publication of her first anthology, Wounds & Wings – A Lyrical Salve through Metaphor.

Being emotionally drained, Bilkis started her journey to self discovery and slowly moving away from her state of despair and self neglect. It was poetry that helped Bilkis through many of her trauma. She began writing poetry, journaling her own experiences from abuse to recovery. She is currently helping and guiding other abused women with her recent initiative, ‘Poetry as Therapy’. Her first workshop was held in Durban where a number of women from abused situations attended. She will continue presenting workshops and has committed herself to helping women overcome abuse through poetry.

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