Ink of Inspiration II


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Ink of Inspiration II

by Naadira Chhipa

Sometimes in life you will feel entrapped in your own prison of emotions. The steel walls will slowly start to close in on you. You will steel the fear and taste the anxiety building up within your soul. Darkness shall descend from all corners, torturing you and defeating your efforts to breathe. Your heart races, pumping fear and helplessness through every fibre of your body and mind. You search for an escape, a way out of the shackles that bind your soul, yet all you do is sink deeper into the depths of despair. there is no escape. When you finally surrender to the darkness a beautiful ray of soft white light enters your heart. A light that illuminates and radiates from your soul extinguishing the darkness that once threatened to engulf you and gently pulling you up and out of your sorrow. A light so majestically flawless it gives new hope, guidance, happiness, love, courage, growth, strength and peace.

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