Ink of Inspiration 3: Your Journey


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Ink of Inspiration 3: Your Journey

by Naadira Chhipa

The journey of the heart, mind and soul that captures every step of your life. This book takes you on the journey of life, from the energetic, restless and confusing  years as a youthful muslimah to the duas of a lonely heart seeking a spouse. From the exciting experience of entering the union of Nikkah to the heart shattering tears of a broken hearted widow.

From embracing your baby for the first time to finding yourself sinking into the depths of darkness through post natal depression. The experiences and heartbreak of a divorcee, the challenges of marriage and maintaining relationships with your family. The raising of children in this ever challenging and changing world, the silence of the elderly and the Final Journey to our ultimate abode that we shall all have to take as we travel through this road called life.

A piece of my heart, a fragment of my mind and a glimpse into my soul. I gift to you Ink of Inspiration 3 Your Journey and mine.

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Ink of inspiration 3: Your Journey is the culmination of 3 editions of excellence. For anything you may be thinking or feeling, or going through during any stage of your life, this book is guaranteed to have just the right message to appease your troubled heart.

Naadira Chhipa has perfected the art of empathetic writing with every drop of ink that leaves her finger tips. With sound Islamic advice, raw openness and complete honesty on challenges we face daily during these trying times in society, Ink of Inspiration 3 is a guiding light for those lost in a sea of uncertainty.

Author and publisher – Nabeela Noorani

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