Sandcastles & Snowmen

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Sahar El-Nadi is a writer and international public speaker from Cairo, Egypt. She has written for several international print and online publications, both in Arabic and English, and her articles have been translated into European and Asian languages as well. She has traveled to more than 30 countries around the world to speak and deliver lectures and workshops on leadership, change, creativity, communication and cross-cultures; receiving standing ovations at high profile events in such prestigious places as Harvard University and the Swedish Royal Palace. Sahar took part in the Egyptian revolution in 2011 and documented her observations in original photographs and videos drawing global lessons from the monumental events of the Arab Spring. She is also creator and director of an award-winning project called Don’t Hate, Educate; promoting tolerance, respect for diversity and creatively connecting people across divides of race, color and creed. She co-created the first Arab online community in 1996, and has been featured in magazines and international media as a global role model of women leadership.

Pages: 291

Author: Sahar El-Nadi

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Sandcastles & Snowmen is a compelling book for anyone curious about Islam in a modern context. The story is told through the eyes of an unusual woman, eager to diminish the gap between people of different faiths and cultures, even after 9/11 and the Prophet Muhammad cartoons turned her world upside down. This is her story, leaving behind a jet-setting life to search for spirituality and reconnect with her faith in a new, global context. From Cairo, to Jeddah, to Scandinavia, to the US and back, Sahar El-Nadi shares her views as a Muslim global citizen on world issues touching all of us: politics, gender, faith, diversity, ethical business and much more, in a personal and easy to follow style that will leave you well informed and deeply inspired.

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