Nisa Qamar And The Master Of Jinniaville

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Nisa Qamar And The Master Of Jinniaville

By : Shafinaaz Hassim

Nisa Qamar is a hope -filled ten year old living in Johannesburg, South Africa with her single mum . her annoying little sister Aisha ,and her brat pack three year old twin brother , Ali and Isa.Like most young girls her age, Nisa loves books, ice cream ,bicycles and hanging out with her best friends ,Fahima. She looks forward to holidays with her grandmother ,who tells her tales of j-folk and wonderful stories from the past.Gran teaches her special things like the verse of the throne . She also loves tree and the creatures that live in them . But ,Nisa has a special, secret gift.Is it her imagination? This is what helps her to uncover an evil plot to take over her school ,the Iqra Academy Of Excellence. In a race against time ,she must find out who she can trust to stop the evil trouble maker or lose the game to the Master of Jinniaville.

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