Islamic Cupping & Hijamah

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A complete Guide.

Hijamah is a traditional Islamic medical practice that is again becoming widespread amongst Muslim communities throughout the world.

Pages: 132

Author: Dr Feroz Osman Latib

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This text is the most complete and up to date book on Hijamah at this time, it cuts straight into the subject and quenches the curiosity of the reader whether it be a layperson, prospective patient or seasoned medical professional. Dr Latib’s experience and insight into Hijamah and traditional medicine as well as his rigor in correlating it with scientific findings is reflected throughout this guide. He shares with us the complete and comprehensive depth to this topic and empowers the reader in understanding and applying the concepts, rules and guidelines regarding Hijamah in order to improve general health and benefit from this oft misunderstood and sometimes feared medical procedure.

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