Is Standing While Praising Rasoolullah(S.A.W) Sunnah or Bid’ah

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In the light of the Holy Quraan and Authentic Sunnah.

Pages: 126

Author: Sheikh Sayed Haroon Al Azhari

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This book is a Unique piece of literature based on The Holy Quraan, Authentic Sunnah and Sciences of Islamic Law, providing the “Permissibility of standing while sending Salawaat (Ashraqal/Salaami) to revere our Beloved Master Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W).

It is a Must for every seeker of truth, for its clears out any doubts or misconceptions which may have been created by people of Ftna.

It is a humble effort, prepared to instil Love, Obedience and utmost respect in the hearts of all Muslims for our Our Master Muhammad(S.A.W).

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