Tuh-fatul Ikhwaan

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Tuh-fatul Ikhwaan
By: Moulana M.Ibrahim Ba’kathah
Translated By: Moulana Yousuf Karaan

There has been a very great need for a book of this nature for the Shafi’iy Madaaris all over the country. The nature of this book is such that not only should it serve as a very good guiding light for teachers in Madaaris and a text book for Madrasah children, it will perhaps better serve as a hand book for all Shafi’iy who wish to carry out the commands of the Sharee-ah. As the book is in a most down to earth style  while yet containing almost everything the ordinary shafi’iy person wishes to know about Saulaah, Sowm, Zakaah and Haj, it will definitely serve a huge section of South Africa’s Muslim population. We foresee a great demand for the book.

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