Who Are The Women Of The Qur’an?

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Who Are The Women Of The Qur’an?

By: Ml Imraan Kajee

What is the position of a Haafidhah of the Qur’an?  What are the benefits of becoming a Haafidhah? What are a woman’s responsibilities towards the Qur’an? What are the effects of the Qur’an upon the life of a woman living in the 21 st century? Was memorizing the Qur’an common among women of the past?                                    This booklet contains the answers to the above questions. It also sheds light on the lives of  some of the greatest woman of the Qur’un.  It will insha-Allah prove beneficial all women, Haafidhah and non Haafidhah, and even to Man.

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