Cii Bilaal Radio

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Cii Bilaal Radio Adhan Reciver


  • Easy to use
  • Plug & Play
  • Auto scan to find nearest Mosque
  • Receive 5 Daily Adhan & Prayers
  • Friday Jumuah Khutbahs
  • Special Programs & Lectures
  • Portable
  • High Quality Audio Transmission
  • Hear Janazah Notices and other Important Notices
  • Works Countrywide provided that your local Masjid has a Transmitter installed

Out of stock


How It works:

Masjid Transmitter
The Masjid installs a transmitter linked to the microphone PA system which transmits a signal up to a 7 km radius around the Masjid enabling Muslims in the area to pick up the transmitted signal via a radio receiver. Most Masjids in the Durban, Johannesburg and surrounding areas have this transmitter installed in the Masjid already. All you need is a Cii Bilaal Radio to get connected.

Cii Bilaal Receiver
The receiver has 40 channels which allows you to auto scan  to pick up your local masjid as well as other masjids within the 7 km radius from your receiver. Musallies can also take the radio receiver with them when traveling within South Africa and never miss an Athaan.

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