Hajj & Umrah Q&A


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Hajj & Umrah Q&A

by: Mufti Abdool Kader Hoosein

A collection of Fataawa pertaining to Hajj & Umrah

All praise is due to the Almighty Allah who has blessed us with the honour of being the disciples of the best of mankind – our Leader and Mater Nabi Muhammad (SAW), upon whom be the limitless showers of his mercy and blessings. Through His grace, Mufti Abdool Kader is able to present to you a humble treatise on the many vexing issues pertaining to Hajj and Umrah. The format is in the form of question and answer which flows from his programme on Channel Islam International better known as Q&A. He has kept the language and style as simple as possible so that readers may refer to it with absolute ease. I pray that it becomes a standard reference for all pilgrims and that it positively contributes to them fulfilling the rites of Hajj and Umrah. I beseech you to pray that Almighty Allah showers His forgiveness and mercy on me and my family and that he graciously accepts this humble endavour.




1) Virtues of Umrah
2) Travel, Intention & Ihram
3) Significant Places, Boundaries
4) Tawaf
5) Sa’ee – Safa/Marwa
6) Umrah – Womens Issues
7) Umrah – General


1) Virtues & types of Hajj, Talbiya
2) Hajj 1st Day – Going to Mina
3) Hajj 2nd Day – Arafat & Wuqoof
4) Hajj 2nd Night – 3rd Night – Muzdalifa to Mina
5) Haj 3rd Day – Pelting to Jamarats
6) Hajj 3rd Day – Sacrifice of Hajj
7) Hajj 3rd Day – Tawaf Zaiyarah, Sa’ee
8) Hajj 3rd Day – Removal of Hair
9) Hajj 5th Day – Pelting of Jamarats
10) Hajj 5th Day – Tawaf Wida, Leaving for Home
11) Hajj Badal
12) Hajj – Womens Issues
13) Hajj – General


1) Virtues of Medinah & Masjidun Nabawi
2) Significant places in Medinah
3) Landmarks of Masjidun Nabawi
4) Ziyarah to Rasulullah(S.A.W)
5) Medinah – General
6) Miscellaneous
7) Duas

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