Madrasah In Just 5 Minutes (Set 1 & 2)


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Madrasah In Just 5 Minutes (Set 1 & 2)

There are 12 month in a year and either 29 or 30 days in the month. Scholars have compiled from Mumbai a five minute educational lesson for each day. These lessons are divided into 10 categories.

  1. Islaamic History
  2. Rasulullaah (SAW)�s Miracle
  3. A Fardh
  4. A Sunnah
  5. An Important Act and its Virtue
  6. A Sin
  7. This World
  8. The Aakhirah
  9. Cures from the Qur’aan and Rasulullaah (SAW)
  10. Qur’anic Advice or from Rasulullaah (SAW)


Aimed at benefiting the layperson by providing concise, relevant and interesting Islamic knowledge. Hence, this book is ideal for everyday Muslims. The author intended that each lesson be read every day, hence each chapter brings something relevant about its month. This print consists of two volumes.

Language: English

Author: AH Elias

Publisher: Zam Zam

Cover: Hard Back

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