Towards reading the Qur’an (Part 1)


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Towards reading the Qur’an – Part One

By: Lenasia Muslim Association

It must be borne in mind that Islamic Education is the right of every Muslim child. And this responsibility rests upon the parent. The entire Madrasah system is an extension of the Islamic programme that every parent is supposed to conduct within the home.

Therefore,  a very strong link has to be forged between the home and the Madrasah involving the child, parent and teacher. Should this link be weak, then it is the child who is the end suffer.

When your child’s embarking on the first stage of Quraanic reading with his introduction to “Towards Reading the Quran – Part On”, your and our responsibility becomes even more intense. The method presentation, as you will see, is unique and has been found to be most effective and succesful. Instead of using the spelling method of reading, the methos used in this book is based on the phonic system. The child is not required to spell the words while reading, he or she is taught to “sound” or pronounce the words.

The volume of the work itself has been graded progressively from the simple to the difficult in keeping with the child’s development. The child is no longer required to rush through the Quran with the idea of making Khatam-ul-Quran in a short as possible time. The whole concept is based on developing within the child the ability to read fluently. Once the child has mastered the art of reading, the next logical step is to begin the reading of the Holy Quran itself, In sha Allah.

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