Oud Accord Air Freshener With Travel Dua


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Oud Accord Air Freshener With Travel Dua

The Oud Accord air freshener has been infused with genuine Oud oil so that it smells just like a premium fragrance. The fragrance starts with the seduction of Rose Wood & Cardamom that gives way to a smoky blend of Intense Oud, Sandalwood & Vetiver. You can use in the office, home and your vehicle as it has a travelling Dua.

Please Note:  The Prayer On This Car Air Freshener Is A Verse From The Holy Qur’an.

Please Treat It With The Same Respect As You Would Treat The Qur’an.

For Disposing This Item  Please Follow The Islamic Method For Disposing Of Quranic Text Below:

Burying: With this method of disposal, the Quran is to be wrapped in cloth to protect it from the soil and buried in a deep hole. This should be done in a place where people would not normally walk, often on the grounds of a mosque or even a graveyard. According to most scholars, this is the preferred method.

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