Quraan Made Easy (A5)


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Quraan Made Easy

Under the Supervision of Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

Soft Cover (19cm x 13cm)

  • A simple easy to read shadow interpretation of the Quraan.
  • Based on the famous facilitate understanding
  • Notes in brackets to facilitate understanding
  • Relative information taken from “Tafseer-e-Uthmaani”.
  • Has an “Introduction to the Quraan”, explaining how Quraan reached us, its various stages of compilation etc..
  • Has a “Glossary of Terms and Names”.
  • At the end an “Index” is given for topic search purposes.
  • It is authentic and reliable.

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Each Surah is preceded with:

  • Why its name.
  • Link to the previous Surah
  • Summary of Surah
  • The gist and essence of the Surah.

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