The Glorious Quran

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The Glorious Quran

Author / Translator: M.M. Pickthall

The Prophet Muhammad is the Final Messenger of God to mankind. The Qur’an is acknowledged by the world’s faithful Muslims as the complete and final revelation of God to mankind through the Prophet Muhammad. The Qur’an is essentially universal, being the natural continuation and final chapter of all previously revealed religions, notably those emanating from the Abrahamic tradition as delivered, among others, by the Prophets Moses, David and Jesus, all of whom are accepted as righteous and true prophets of the One True God. The Qur’an is, moreover, a masterpiece of immense literary value which readers will find spiritually rewarding, containing a wealth of worldly wisdom, plausible scientific explanations and intellectual learning whilst providing a unique and easily applicable code of life for humankind.

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