Cosmopolitan Cuisine 1


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By: Mariam Mahomedy

This volume presents an exciting rage of delicious dishes designed to tempt the discerning palette, and add pleasure to the culinary adventures of novice and experienced chefs alike. With recipes that cater to all tastes and every occasion, the instructions are clear and simple, the results are a treat!

  • Cooking over Coals
  • Classical Indian Cuisine
  • Italian Inspirations
  • Vegetarian Pleasures

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What shall I cook? What could I possibly serve? What would my family enjoy? These are some of those inevitable questions that face us daily. You can conquer that, “What’s for dinner?” question by choosing one of the theme menus from this book. These menus would appeal to all those who want more than the traditional home-cooked meals, and venture towards exotic exciting cuisine.

Mariam’s years of experience with food have enabled her co compile these recipes with simple and effective explanations so that the perfect results can be obtained very easily. A variety o f menus have been included thereby providing endless selection for almost any type of entertaining.

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