Cosmopolitan Cuisine 2


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By: Mariam Mahomedy

‘Picnic Pleasures’ are particularly appetising for our beautiful summer days that lend themselves to relishing outdoor eating, while ‘Portuguese Temptations’ are bound to set your tastebuds alight with their zesty flavours. The menus in ‘Middle Eastern Magic’ liven up traditional Middle Eastern fare with the subtle addition of unusual spices, and the ‘Ramadaan and Eid Treats’ offer a tantalizing array of dishes fit for a feast.

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Cooking for family and friends should be enjoyable at every stage, not only the eating, but the planning, preparation and cooking of a tasty meal, should be a gratifying experience, but even the most experienced cook occasionally runs out of ideas and enthusiasm.

This collection of recipes from Mariam’s personal culinary repertoire include dishes from different parts of the globe which have been adapted to appeal to all those with a taste for the piquant flavours of Indian Cuisine. In launching Cosmopolitan 2, Mariam’s endeavoured to share her own pleasure in devising new recipes, and provide more innovative ideas to encourage you to experiment with the aim of ultimately enhancing your culinary skills.

The recipes are presented as simple as possible, with cooking methods clearly described, to enable even the cook who lacks confidence to produce magnificent results. May this volume inspire you to continually extend the boundaries of your own culinary creativity.

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