Cosmopolitan Cuisine 3


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By: Mariam Mahomedy

“Out of Africa” has tantalising braai recipes that reflect the diversity of our rainbow nation, while “Healthy Options” is an invaluable source of low fat recipes.

The menu in “Thai Tantalizers” is a culinary journey with dishes bound to set your tastebuds alight, and “Exotic Indian” is a collection of exciting Indian flavours appealing to all who love aromatic and spicy foods.

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Part of every woman’s dream is to be appreciated for her expertise in the kitchen domain and to impress family and friends with scrumptious meals.Indeed,most woman desire for status as a culinary expert. Some are fortunate to have a natural forte with food, whilst others have to acquire it through practice.

In this third edition of Cosmopolitan Cuisine, Mariam has included new and  exciting recipes to entice your tastebuds. It will all you with the opportunity to experiment, explore and enjoy the diverse cuisines presented in this collection. Included is some low fat recipes for those who are striving towards leading healthier lifestyles.

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