Cosmopolitan Cuisine 4


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By: Mariam Mahomedy

Indian & Pakistani Fusion gives you a real taste of one of the world’s finest cuisines.

Contemporary Cuisine offers a new, trendy and vibrant approach to food.

Exotic Seafood Sensations to help you create an ideal seafood evening.

The recipes in a Healthier Lifestyle, allow you to rediscover the joys of healthy eating.

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It is true to say that when it comes to entertaining family and friends it is often the thought itself that seems to scare us the most. This is because it entails coming up with a perfect menu idea that is not only simple to prepare but also delicious and appetising. Cosmopolitan Cuisine IV has been compiled with this consideration in mind and thus presents a series of simple recipes that will enrich your entertaining experience. Mariam  has  designed a a menu plan for a few special occasions ranging from a Seafood Evening, Indian & Pakistani Fusion and Contemporary Cuisine.

Furthermore, bearing in mind the worldwide trend of people towards a health-conscious and nutritious lifestyle, Mariam has included a Healthier Lifestyle recipe section. The menu ideas selected in this volume are not meant to be limiting, so use these ideas to invent your own menu to suit your occasion.

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