Cosmopolitan Cuisine 6

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By: Mariam Mahomedy

Bruncheon Bliss – The ideal brunch with a modern twist.

Indo-Chinese Fusion – Zesty selection for the innovative chef.

Indian Feast – A collection of traditional foods to tantalise your tastebuds.

Al-Fresco Dining – The best of outdoor dining with new cafe culture ideas.

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It is indeed a wondrous bounty from the Almighty that he has bestowed us with such an amazing array of ingredients and flavours so that when it comes to food preparation, experimenting and discovering new combinations are virtually endless. This book hopes to add to that ‘endless’ variety of cooking ideas and options so that mealtimes remain as exciting and satisfying to the palate as possible.

In this edition of Cosmopolitan Cuisine, you will find recipes which will provide you with fresh ideas for a brunch with a modern twist. You can also find a zesty menu of Indo-Chinese recipes for those who enjoy fusion cooking.

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