Everything Homemade


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Everything Homemade
By: Tarbiyat Publications

Anyone behind the pots and pans deserves some assistance in some from or the other, therefore we hope this book will quickly become an indispensable family asset as everyone loves home-made delicacies. There is nothing more rewarding than the success of home-made goodies that taste as good as they look. Learn while you cook. The recipes in this book have been collected from family and friends over the years through trial and success and passed on from generations and enjoyed by the young and old. For years to come you will be making and baking all sorts of delights for family and friends  cakes, biscuits, savouries, achaars, chutnies, mithais and sweet-treats and you will be surprised at how swiftly you can develop your own ideas and variations that can transform you into a super good home cook and baker.


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