Kokni Delights

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Kokni Delights
Author By: Nujmoonisa Parker

If you are asked to describe Indian food in a Word, what comes to mind? How about curry, roti, spicy, or perhaps aromatic?  What about a history, rich in culture and diversity? This is ultimately what Kokni Delights is really all about.  This compilation of recipes is deeply rooted from within the Kokni cultural Indian community in South Africa which has been passed down through the age from mothers and fathers to their daughters and Sans. It is a Journey into the heart or rather the stomach of this vibrant community.                                                                                 To fully appreciate these delectable treats that has been published in this easy to follow guide, one first needs to take a step back and revisit the history of the Konkan community. According to a book entitled  A Heritage of Inspiration, published the Bazme Adab (Cape) Urdu Literary Society in 2007  there are more than 40,000 Cape Townians that can trace their roots directly to the Konkan region. This informative article by the association Abdul Mutalib Parker and his deputy, Sharief Hassan Parker Alludes to some of the socio political conditions in India during the 1800s, which led to many Konkani’s to immigrate to South Africa.

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